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  Salon de couture  
A life is filled with endless encounters.

Rencontre is too big a word to refer to all those we meet every day, at the bend of a street, at a café terrace or during a trip. An infinity of destinies was within our reach that we let disappear because it would have been absurd and vain to want to know them all and to know who they were, where they were going, what they were doing that day when we had them. barely glimpsed. However, if a life is made of fullness, of effective acts, of accomplished encounters, of successful projects, it is also made of voids, of acts not undertaken, of friendships (or of hatred) dead in childbirth, of projects without the slightest beginning of realization. Hollows count, without you noticing it, as much as full ones
Stéphane Haslé 2015 - Extrait Visions  
  Cambodgienne   Diamantaire
  nouilles   jeune cambodgien et sa boutique
  Marché aux offrandes   offrandes
  Marché aux offrandes   Marché aux offrandes
  Pere et enfant   Chams - Kampot
  Famille Chams   Chams Portrait
  Phnom Penh   nouilles
  offrandes   offrandes
  Chams   Pecheuse Cham Kep
  poissons   kandal market
  Salon de beauté   Phnom Penh
  street   street
  Cambodge - Kampot
  Chams   Enfants Chams
  Salon de coiffure   Boutique de chaussures
  Enfant et vélo - Kampot   Moustiquaires
  Foot à Kampot   Moine - kep
  landscape01   Landscape 02
  paysage de Kampot   Paysage du cambodge
  Pêcheurs de crabe - Kampot   Pecheurs Chams
  Peche   Peche sunset
  Marché Kandal - Cambodge   canne à sucre
  Crabes de Kampot   Brochettes _ Kep
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