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  Fingerprints - Atelier du canal
Atelier empreintes
  "containment studies" Atelier du canal
etudes papier
  Slate sculpture - Atelier du canal
Oil and mixed on canvas - 46 x 38 - Atelier du canal
Atelier du canal
Oil and mixed on canvas - 240x146 cm
United Nations - New York
Etats-unis - Collectif - UNESCO
huile sur toile
Cement sculptures - Atelier du canal
sculptures sur ciment
Oil and mixed on paper pulp - Animal skin
la peau des animaux

Oil and mixed on paper pulp - Mémoires du Koutammakou

Homage to the Tamberma people (Masons of the land), an Ethnic group from northern Togo near the Atakora mountains.

Ancestor worship - A trip to Tamberma country

The road north, from Lomé. 400km, a good part of track to swallow reddish ocher dust, to meet Emilienne and her family in Tamberma country. A crossing of the country from the south, from the sea through the tropical forest of the plateaus, to the wooded savannah of the far north.
From the long history of Yves Regaldi with the Tambermas, and from this trip for three, which is also a matter of friendships, this exhibition project was born, to meet a people who are fighting to keep intact their habitat, its relationship to the land, its traditions, organized around the cult of ancestors. Yves Regaldi’s photographs and paintings, Corsin Vogel’s sounds and videos and Amélie Lavin’s story echo to draw together as possible avenues opened up by these encounters.

Oils and mixed on paper 56x76 - Galerie Eric Dumont - Troyes
Oil on paper 100 x 80 cm - Galerie Mélanson - Annecy
Oil on canvas 150x150 cm - Galerie Mélanson - Annecy
Galerie Melansson
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